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Why You Need A Video Wall

Video walls are a collection of specialised screens that are positioned to make up one large visual display. We use specialised displays with a much thinner frame so that the illusion of the single large canvas is as seamless as possible. At 13001Comms, we have a large range of display options including:

  • Tiled LED panels
  • LCD panels
  • High and low density pixel and size options

Our specialists can tailor any video wall solution to suit your requirements. Video wall applications generally service:

  • Conference rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Lecture theatres
  • Large-scale digital signage

Why You Need A Video Wall

High resolution video walls provide crystal clear visual display to make an impact and send a powerful visual message. They are perfect for advertisements, events, and content sharing. If you’re tired of passing around an iPad at company meetings or gathering around a 25 inch monitor, a video wall is the ideal solution. Our specialised video walls offer:

  • An easy and engaging way to present and share information
  • Improved engagement and collaboration
  • Stimulating promotion for your brand or business
  • Powerful display for television broadcasts, live sports, news etc.
  • A memorable way to showcase creative content and interactive exhibits

Transform Any Wall Into A Captivating Visual Display

Our custom-designed video walls will enhance your business by engaging a wider audience and cross-selling products and services in a new and exciting way. We work with you to create digital solutions that will establish an environment for optimal collaboration and information sharing for teams small and large.

Based on your particular needs, we can help you decide between a wide range of sizes and specifications to ensure that you receive the best visual display solution for your business. All of our video walls are specially designed, but each share:

  • A simple video wall controller to manage content display
  • Flexible sizing and display specifications
  • A calibration mechanism which ensures consistent display settings across all tiles
  • Inconspicuous frames and inter-tile gap for cohesive, uninterrupted display
  • High quality resolution

Get A Quote and Book Your Video Wall Design and Installation Today

If you’re ready to advance your business to the next level with our digital display solutions, a video wall will take you there. At 13001Comms, our video walls are custom-designed and carefully installed to ensure seamless and powerful display. Call us on 1300 126 667 today, or contact us here to consult our expert team and book your video wall installation.

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