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What Is MATV?

MATV (or Master Antenna TeleVision) is the most effective and efficient solution for displaying TV signals on a large number of televisions without multiple antennas or satellites. This is a great way to cut costs, use less space and minimise maintenance.

An MATV system usually comprises of three main components:

  • One antenna and or satellite that can receive digital television signals
  • A component that receives and processes the signals received by the antenna
  • A network that distributes the processed signals to wall outlets
Brisbane City Commercial MATV

Why Use A MATV System?

An MATV system has a large number of benefits over a traditional antenna setup. MATV systems provide an easily scalable solution that cuts costs on installation and equipment. Using 120 antennas for 120 rooms in a hotel would be expensive, not to mention the constant maintenance requirements.

A MATV solution cuts costs by using one antenna for any number of locations. This also solves any reception issues caused by many antennas being close together (e.g. on a rooftop). It is the most cost effective and efficient solution for large buildings with multiple televisions.

Is A MATV System the right solution for me?

An MATV system is commonly used by large building/s with multiple visual displays that all receive the same signal. The most common example for this is many televisions using the same television signals.

Some common buildings that may benefit from an MATV setup include:

  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Universities
  • Apartment blocks

If you believe an MATV solution could improve your business bottom line, give the knowledgeable team at 13001comms a call on 1300 126 667. We will be able to help you find a solution to suit your needs.

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