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Do you have the perfect location for digital signage but you’re not sure which solution would be the best option?

Do you have an old TV or sign displaying in your store and you’d like to upgrade to an eye catching digital sign?

Based in Brisbane Bayside, 13001comms is an industry leader in digital signage and display screens. We provide effective digital displays customised to your business needs. Our experience combined with our wide variety of industry knowledge ensures that we deliver the best solution for your business.

Our 5 step process streamlines the selection, installation and management of your digital signage solution.

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Our Five Step Digital Signage Process

Digital Signage Consultation

Before we can determine the best solution for your business, we need to understand your signage needs. We start with a consultation to determine your desired outcomes.

Develop Your Digital Solution

Now that we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will develop a solution that includes hardware and installation recommendations to ensure that we are making the best use of your location and the way your traffic moves through your location.

Quote & Scope Of Work

Once you’re happy with the solution provided we will deliver a detailed quotation which includes the work plan so that our installation has minimal impact upon your operations.

Installation & Training

Our installation team will ensure that your visual displays are working optimally upon installation. They will also spend the time to train your team to ensure that your display continues to work at full capacity and running smoothly.

Ongoing Support

We offer a wide range of support packages to cover all after sales support needs, including further training packages and troubleshooting if required.

Visual Display Installations Across A Wide Range Of Industries

Corporate Digital Signage

The perfect solution for staff lunch rooms and waiting rooms. Inform your staff and customers with targeted information and training. Corporate communications are delivered with class and style using digital displays.

Digital displays are commonly used in a corporate setting to deliver the following:

  • News and announcements
  • Welcoming messages
  • Digital directory board
  • Staff training snippets
  • Safety messages
  • Corporate videos

    Digital Displays For Schools

    Visual displays allows administrators and educators to communicate effectively with students efficiently and easily.

    Within schools and the education environment, digital displays are used across a wide range of applications including:

    • Academic & teaching services
    • Broadcasting emergency alerts
    • Messaging for scheduling
    • Announcements
    • Directional arrows for visitors and wayfinding
    • Promotional activities

      Retail Digital Sign Board

      Eye-catching and dynamic signage will attract attention both inside and outside your retail store. Digital signage in a retail environment provides the opportunity to promote your business in innovative ways. Changes to your offerings can be made instantly, to take advantage of what’s happening in the store at any time or on any given day. There is no delay and no limits to what’s possible to bring your store to life.

      Within the retail industry, common digital signage applications include:

      • Product information and demonstrations
      • Special offers and discounts
      • Attention attracting advertisements with colours and patterns
      • Location based messaging
      • Real time targeting of customers
      • Modernise store appearance

      Hotel & Hospitality Display Signage

      Widely used throughout the industry, digital displays are effective and eye-catching. Often used to help patrons find their way, they are also an excellent way to re-inforce your brand with your logo and special offers included on the display.

      Within the hotel & hospitality industry, common digital signage applications include:

      • Meeting room signage boards
      • Menu boards (automatically switching to breakfast/lunch/dinner)
      • Directional signage
      • Event signage
      • Special offers
      • News/Weather & current events
      • Facilities

        Reliable & Affordable Digital Display Solutions Brisbane

        Our clients throughout the greater Brisbane area rely upon 13001Comms to deliver reliable and affordable solutions to a wide range of industries. Systems which are user friendly with excellent support is what our clients enjoy. If you’re ready to develop a custom designed and installed solution for your display and signage needs, give us a call today on 1300 126 667

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        Digital Signage FAQs

        What is digital signage?

        This involves the use of digital displays & screens to display content in place of traditional signage. It has a number of intrinsic benefits over traditional signage including the ability to change content without the need for re-printing. This signage provides a wide range of media options such as videos, slideshows and animations. Audience targeted content (e.g. different content at different times of the day) is easy when you have digital displays with the added benefit of a modern look and feel.

        Why should my business/organisation use digital signage?

        Do you have messages that you need to deliver to customers or staff? Are you looking to engage people in a more meaningful way? Are you looking to improve the look and feel of your signage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then digital signage is a great solution to improve your business or organisation. With a number of benefits over traditional signage (such as ease of updating advertising materials, different media types and targeted messaging), digital signage is a great way to inform & advertise.

        What is required to set up a digital display system?

        Digital displays require 3 main things: the display hardware, signage software to manage the hardware and the digital art to be displayed. With such an extensive list of options, choosing the right hardware and software can seem daunting. Luckily, 13001Comms listens to your business’ needs and develops a solution catered to your requirements. Contact us today to get started with your new digital signage solution.

        What kind of content can I show?

        Anything that can be displayed on a computer or TV can be displayed on your digital signage. That includes images, slideshows, animations, videos, movies, live feeds, up to date weather maps and much more. Notice a flaw in your marketing? With digital signage you can push an update to some or all of your signage with the push of a button. With digital signage, the possibilities are endless.

        Can I display my content on multiple screens?

        Absolutely! Have the same or different content on some or all of your digital signs. Digital signage gives you the flexibility to display different media and information on each display independently or reinforce the same message across all hardware with ease.

        Is it easy to change content?

        Yes! This one of the key benefits of digital signage. Update your current offers and messaging across a network of digital signage with the press of a button. Want to change the pricing on your advertised products? Push an update in one place and have it changed everywhere.

        Where can I get a digital signage solution in Brisbane and surrounding areas?

        13001Comms provides complete digital display solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. We listen to your business needs to develop, install, test & maintain, a solution that best fits your business and organisation. Contact us on 1300 126 667 to get started today!

        Looking For A Digital Signage & Display Screen Quote?

        Call 13001comms today on 1300 126 667 to find out how we can help you with your digital signage

        Why Choose 13001comms for Visual Displays?

        With years of commercial audio experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to finish your job on time and on budget. Located in the Brisbane Bayside, we service in and around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

        We understand the importance of safety and ensure that all of our work is completed by licensed and insured technicians under strict OH&S guidelines. We work quickly, without cutting corners to save time. We present quotes with realistic timelines and provide constant updates on job progression.

        • Professional and qualified technicians
        • Excellent customer service
        • Fully insured work
        • Based in Brisbane Bayside
        • Strict OH&S guidelines
        • Quality work