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Commercial Media Design & Installation

Audiovisual And Telecommunication Solutions

With years of experience working in the commercial audio and visual field, 13001comms will complete your project on time and at a reasonable cost. We listen to you, analyse your needs and develop a solution that will fulfill your vision.

When you choose 13001comms, you’re choosing a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to design, create and install professional media solutions, using current standards and years of experience.

We also provide maintenance, technical installation and infrastructure solutions. Call us to discover how we can design a solution for your commercial media needs.

We Specialise In…

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Visual displays are a brilliant advertising tool informing and engaging customers while they wait. The effective use of video panels, video walls, projector systems and digital signage can greatly increase sales within a business.

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MATV allows large scale buildings to minimise costs and stress by displaying TV signals on a large number of televisions without multiple antennas or satellites. This is ideal for hotels, apartment buildings or large offices.

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We provide a number of different commercial audio services including multizone installations, paging systems, retail music systems. We can assess your needs and design a solution to fit your budget.

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