Custom Sound System Installation

Fully Expandable Audio System

The Wynnum Manly Leagues Club is sounding a whole lot better than it ever did thanks to its custom designed and installed Club audio system. 13001Comms was contacted to develop, source and install a PA system that could match the club’s new modern design, with an equally fantastic sound system which includes cutting edge features. We provided a system that does just that, with in-ceiling speakers, multiple zones & top of the line hardware all tied into a simple yet incredibly powerful control app.

Yamaha Pro audio products combined with ProVisionaire iPad Control app means a perfectly functioning PA system providing years of simple use and amazing sound. The 100V speakers installed are the best sounding speakers available for use in a club or hospitality venue. This was another install that went without a hitch and the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club were incredibly happy with their sound system.

Hospitality PA System Design Considerations

When designing a PA system (public amplification system) for a restaurant, bar, club or pub, the acoustic environment of the location is always unique. A tailored solution must be created to suit that specific venue’s individual acoustic environment. A high quality, purpose built sound system will effortlessly cater to all music requirements, whether it’s soft background music at dinner, loud & high energy beats, announcements or even live entertainment/performers.

Some of the considerations for our Manly League Club PA system included:

  • Number of distinct areas in the venue or zones
  • Venue footprint
  • Height of the ceilings
  • Sound absorption and dispersion of furnishings, walls and dividers
  • Acoustic signature
  • Multiple audio sources
  • Simple and portable control for all staff members
  • Future expansion if required

Yamaha CIS Series Audio System

We chose the Yamaha CIS Series Audio System for this installation. This state of the art audio system enables pubs, clubs and other larger venues complete control over a multi-zone space. Each zone is individually controlled to create the perfect atmosphere within each separate area of the club. The central digital switch and mixer allows the staff to control volume, source, microphone ducking and even pre-set scheduling. The system incorporates a “page all” function which is imperative for emergency situations, while also allowing paging just within an individual zone or room, perfect for clubs who have events happening in parts of the club. They don’t want the winner of the meat raffle called out in the area where a wedding reception is being held.

The system also has feedback suppression, meaning that microphones can be used roaming free under the in-ceiling speakers without creating that familiar high pitch squeal of microphones too close to speakers.

New Audio System Components

The system we installed into the club utilises the Yamaha CIS Audio System hardware and software, providing high end features, great sound and ease of use. Learn more about the makeup of this system:

  • Yamaha VXC series 100V in-ceiling speakers

    These speakers are controlled via a custom interface designed using the Yamaha ProVisionaire app and installed in various areas around the club. The speakers are hidden away in the roof, providing high quality sound without taking up lots of precious floor space inside the venue.


    The MTX DSP is the heart of the audio system acting as the central digital mixer/switcher. It manages adjusting levels and changing sources individually through its powerful matrix. You can manage any individual input/matrix/output parameter of the MTX with the Control Ap, giving you complete control over your volumes, source selects, room joining, mic ducking, pre-set scheduling etc.

  • Powerful Control App

    The control app for the Wynnum Manly League club integrates with the MTX DSP to provide a number of powerful and useful features for clubs, bars, pubs and other hospitality venues from your iPad or similar device. Some of these features include:

    • Remote Zone Management

      Each zone is set up to be managed individually from the control app. This allows the user to do things like play relaxing dinner music in the restaurant while simultaneously playing more lively songs in the beer garden or bar area.

    • Manage Devices

      Easily & securely manage devices such as microphones, TV’s, speakers, mixers etc. in the club from anywhere with an internet connection including:

      • Switching power off & on
      • Changing volume
      • Changing channels
      • Much more!
    • High Quality Audio

      The 100V Yamaha VXC series in-ceiling speakers work with the control system to create a really high quality audio experience. The app provides a wide range of audio tweaking & customisation options such as faders, sliders and other audio mixer controls.

    • Feedback suppression

      Performers and speakers no longer have to worry about positioning, volumes and levels to mitigate ear-piercing feedback. Built in feedback suppression lets them get on with what they do best, without interruption.

    • Pre-Set Scheduling

      Easily set up scheduled presets in your Audio system. For example, set the more upbeat music with its new levels & settings at 9PM after dinner finishes. At the start of each day, the schedule function recalls the morning pre-set at 10am ready for the clubs opening – resetting all levels set and volumes back to their pre-set defaults.

    • Page All Function

      Need to get in touch with everyone at the venue for an emergency or an announcement? The Page All function allows you to effortlessly and easily contact everyone in any location.

Leagues Club Audio System Installation

We decided to use the Yamaha range of VXC in-ceiling 100V speakers, which are delivering an average of 30W per speaker in every zone. These speakers are great to install with locking tabs, screw on grille and pickup handles. With a fully enclosed back cam these brilliant speakers provide incredible sound reproduced at the full frequency range.

All inputs and outputs through the DSP and amplifiers are handled and routed digitally which means that the system does not have a bunch of cables running everywhere. The whole system only required four CAT6a cables transferring audio between hardware and for communication through the network.

User Control Of Club Sound System

The Provisionaire iPad app installed into the Club system is a breeze to use. This comprehensive audio management system is custom designed to suit the venue’s individual needs. All faders, sliders and buttons are added, together with the functionality connection for each, to ensure the end user has everything they need at their fingertips from within the app. The controlling system is fully customisable to suit the needs of each venue and fully extendable as future needs arise. Once users are familiar with the app, they find it both simple and functional to use.

Looking For High Quality Hospitality Audio?

We are incredibly proud of the Custom Commercial Audio Solution delivered to the Wynnum Manly Leagues Club. If you manage a Club, Pub or Venue in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or anywhere in South East Queensland, and you believe your venue could benefit from a custom designed and installed Sound System, give us a call on 1300 126 667 for a free quote & to learn more.

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