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Benefits Of 13001Comms Installed PA Systems

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We only use high quality indoor & outdoor sound components to ensure your PA system can be heard clearly and effectively.
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We listen to your needs, work within your budget and consider different components to develop a solution personalised to you.
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With years of experience developing and installing PA systems, we have the expertise to create a PA System perfect for you.
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We install only quality components and test your system to ensure it’s working flawlessly for when you need it most.

Looking For A New PA System?

With a multitude of different options from different suppliers, finding the right PA system can seem overwhelming. Luckily, finding the right system doesn’t have to be a daunting task! At 13001Comms, we have the knowledge and expertise required to develop a PA system that’s perfect for your business. We listen to your individual needs and create a solution that suits your requirements and budget. We handle everything from finding the perfect PA system to installation and testing.

Your Brisbane business needs a PA system that delivers the highest quality sound with both clarity and definition. There are differences between indoor and outdoor systems, different speakers & amplifiers and much more. You need the right advice from an experienced team when choosing a PA system. We aim to provide you with great sound and without any unnecessary headaches. Not only will we help you choose the right system for your needs, we will install and test it to ensure that it delivers to your exact requirements.

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What Are PA Systems?

PA system is shorthand for Public Address System, but they can also be known as Electronic Amplification Systems. PA systems use amps, speakers and microphones to create a network of connected outputs. These systems can improve your customer experience by providing information (for example calling ticket numbers or train stop locations), providing necessary school systems (to signal lunch times, class times etc) and play background music.

They are a range of different types of PA systems at different price points. We aim to develop and install a system that’s right for you and your budget.

Some common PA system applications include:

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Calling ticket numbers or train stop locations etc.
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Signal lunch times and class times etc.
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Play background music and provide notifications etc.
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Play music and announcements etc.
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Provide high quality music with advanced mixing capabilities.
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Speakers in a university lecture hall or conference room etc.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your PA Systems

We work with you to deliver a tailored solution for your needs. Every application is different, so we begin by asking you to consider the questions below. We use your answers to develop and install a PA system that is perfect for you.

  • Do you need to have portability in any part of the system?
  • Do you require any mixing capabilities?
  • What volume level will you be operating at?
  • Is your system required for indoor use, outdoor use or a mix of both?
  • How many inputs and outputs will you need?
  • Does your system need to store presets?
  • What type of warranty is supplied with the system?
  • What is your budget?

PA System FAQs

What does PA sound system stand for?

PA sound system stands for Public Address sound system. They are used to amplify the sound that is captured by a microphone or other sound input (like a guitar lead or auxiliary cable) and play it through a speaker at a much larger volume. This makes PA systems useful for:

  • Public speakers
  • Music shows
  • Sport stadiums
  • Schools
  • Much more!

How many speakers do I need and how powerful should they be?

This really depends on what exactly you will be using your PA system for. For example, som questions we would ask include:

  • Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be for playing loud music, background music for shoppers or just be for announcements?
  • Do you need powered or unpowered speakers?
  • What is your budget

Depending on your answer to these questions and many more, we can help you find the right speakers that will suit your needs and budget.

Do you install PA systems?

Yes absolutely! We can help you find the right PA system, install it, test it and have you up and running within your budget and a reasonable timeframe.

Powered vs unpowered speaker for a PA system? (active vs passive speakers)

A powered speaker (or an active speaker) is a speaker that includes a built-in amplifier. This makes powered speakers much easier to set up and use, all you need to do is plug them into the wall and you’re ready to go. The downside is you don’t get the benefit of the adjustability that comes with an external amplifier setup.

An unpowered speaker (or a passive speaker) is a speaker that doesn’t include a built in amplifier and requires an external amp/s. This gives you much more control over minute sound/power details that powered speakers don’t, but they are more difficult to setup and aren’t great for scenarios where a simple setup is required.

Do I need a powered or unpowered PA system?

When a simple or small PA system is required (e.g. for a small music venue, a school, a church etc), a powered (active) speaker system is the best option. This will provide high quality audio, while being a simpler and easy to use system.

When a more customised or studio quality speaker system is required (e.g. for a large music venue, the use of a mixer is required, you have a large number of speakers etc), a passive (unpowered) speaker system is the best option.

How much does a PA system cost?

This really depends on what your PA system needs to do and how it is setup. A small, single speaker PA system can be rather inexpensive, while a multi speaker sound system in a music hall or throughout a school campus will be much more expensive. For a quote on a PA system, give 13001Comms a call on 1300 126 667 today!

How do I know which PA system is right for me?

Finding the correct system does not have to be difficult! We have the experience and ability at 13001Comms to design a PA system that is ideal for your company, school, shopping center and much more. We pay attention to your specific requirements and tailor a solution to fit your goals and budget. Everything from locating the ideal PA system to installation and testing is taken care of by us.

So give us a call on 1300 126 667 to talk to one of our experts, and get help finding the perfect PA system solution for your business.

Looking To Get Started With A New PA System?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current PA system or need a brand new installation, 13001Comms can develop, design and install a system for you. With our large range of hardware options and years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a custom public address system to suit your needs.