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Quality audio is important and can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and engagement. From retail music to public announcement systems, people rely on audio to play a number of different roles within a business.

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Use PA systems to call ticket numbers or train stop locations, signal school lunch times and play background music.

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Need to upgrade your music system, or looking for a new installation? 13001comms can install your perfect retail sound system that suits your needs and your budget.

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With a wide range of products and years of experience, 13001comms develops unique solutions to fit your needs. Manage different audio zones from one central location and create unique atmospheres for customers.

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Multizone Audio Installations Brisbane

MultiZone audio systems provide the ability to manage different audio zones from one central location. For example, a shopping centre has many different soundtracks for many different areas, creating unique atmospheres for customers.

Audio can be a daunting topic with a large number of options and confusing jargon. At 13001comms, we assess your needs and design a solution to fit your budget. Give us a call today on 1300 126 667 for a professional consultation and quote.

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Brisbane PA Systems

PA systems – paging systems – use amps, speakers and microphones to create a network of connected outputs. These systems can improve your customer experience by providing information (for example calling ticket numbers or train stop locations), provide necessary school systems (to signal lunch times, class times etc) and play background music.

The difference between paging systems and retail music systems is sound quality and volume. Paging systems are able to provide a very loud volume at a reduced quality, which is perfect for large areas such as schools and sporting arenas.

Retail Music Solutions Brisbane

Retail sound systems have a large number of applications including playing background music, advertising to potential customers and providing emergency instructions. Most gyms, shopping centres, restaurants and other facilities play background music to relax customers and improve their mood, leading to higher purchase rates. Retail store music systems don’t just improve atmosphere, but can actually help your business’ bottom line. Playing retail music helps to boost employee morale and productivity. Read more about how retail music solutions improve customer experience.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current retail sound system or need a brand new installation, 13001comms can design a system for you. With a large range of options and years of experience, we can design and install your perfect retail music solution.

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We understand the importance of safety and ensure that all of our work is completed by licensed and insured technicians under strict OH&S guidelines. We work quickly, without cutting corners to save time. We present quotes with realistic timelines and provide constant updates on job progression.

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