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Benefits Of Digital Signage In Schools

From phones and the internet to screens and displays, digital technology is intricately bound with the youth of today. Schools that embrace and utilise such technology really do reap the benefits in terms of student engagement, communication across faculty, and many more. There are many reasons to incorporate digital signage and displays in schools that make it an extremely worthwhile investment. In this article we discuss the wide range of uses and benefits of digital signage in schools so that you can make an informed decision – and present a great case at your next board meeting!

Uses For Digital Signage In Schools

Adopting digital signage across a school campus enables highly effective and easy communication between administration staff, faculty, and students. Some of the many applications of digital displays in schools include:

  • Relaying updates and announcements
  • Delivering emergency alerts
  • Scheduling and timetabling notifications
  • Providing directions and maps for visitors
  • Promoting school events
  • Sharing academic information with students

Benefits Of Digital Signage In Schools

Digital displays make it easier for schools to guide/engage students, administrators and educators while also conveying information effectively that can be updated in seconds. Some of the main advantages that digital displays can bring to your institution include:

Easily Convey Information

Instead of sending out bulk emails or letters, imagine being able to deliver information with just the click of a button. Not only is it easier for administrative staff and faculty to communicate information via digital displays, but it is also received much better by the students. Many students – even some parents – will not pay attention to “boring” and lengthy emails, resulting in missed information. Digital signage – no matter if the content is bland or interactive – is much more likely to grab attention and engage with students, parents, and staff throughout the school.

Improve Digital Communication

Learning how to share and retrieve information in digital format is an important contemporary skill that can be picked up easily in a school environment that utilises digital signage. This can benefit not only the students but also the staff as it encourages them to interact with the technology and comprehend information in a digitised format. Rather than calling a meeting or writing an email, information can be delivered in a succinct and easily digestible format via digital displays across the school or within staff rooms, making communication much more efficient.

Engage And Involve Students

Digital signage boosts student engagement and entices them to interact with the information being presented. This serves as a notification system for any upcoming events or updates, but it also encourages them to participate in school events, academic programs, and extracurricular activities. It could also provide an opportunity for arts and design students to gain some experience using their creative skills in an academic setting.

Improve Sustainability

Instead of creating, printing, and distributing flyers and leaflets across the school, information and updates are simply delivered with the click of a button. This reduces a significant amount of paper waste and saves money on printing. Rather than having school brochures at reception, consider creating a digital display that showcases the story of your institution and attracts future students.

Looking To Improve Your School Environment With Digital Displays?

Digital signage and displays are an excellent solution to improve communication and engagement within a school environment. Are you ready to update your institution with the contemporary world and reap all the benefits? Call us on 1300 126 667 or contact the team at 13001Comms to discuss the best digital display options for your school.

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